Film Rollout Plan

It would be absolutely marvelous if all online media would release posts on exactly Monday May 26th 2014.

The film will be uploaded again just the night before to a different slot on Vimeo and put live immediately.
To avoid mistakes, I will delete the old version of the film as I have uploaded the new version. So I can’t tell you the link of the final version yet, but you can fetch it on my Vimeo page for sure:

The reason for this detailed plan is that the current password-protected version of the film has been sitting there for months and been updated a few times in place. This way it isn’t going to make it into Vimeo Staff Picks or attract attention of general observers of Vimeo next to the results of your media work.
This only works for newly added videos.

Therefore, I ask you to prepare your online posts with placeholder Vimeo embed code or links, and check back here (or my Vimeo page) in the morning of Monday May 26th to fetch the final location and publish your posts immediately.
The more momentum the film can gain from the very first day, the more likely it is to make it into even more blogs around the globe.

Thank you.

Photos of film shooting

Here is a selection of photos from the film sets.

They are in fairly high resolution and quality and should be fit even for print.
Please click on the preview images to download the full quality RGB JPG version.
Please make sure you include credits to the photographers wherever possible. You will find them in the file names. They are mainly by Daniel Scholz, but a few are by Christiane Kupfer. Daniel Scholz is a professional photographer and therefore requires the credits.

Important: Please wait with the release until after TYPO Berlin (May 17th 2014).

The first photo is the key visual. I will use it wherever possible myself, and have just ordered posters and flyers with that visual.

Antithesis - Photo by Daniel Scholz-1


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Crowd Funding Start, Deutsch

Kromsdorf, 23. Oktober 2012


Multimediatalent Yanone dreht 3D-Tanzmusikfilm »Antithesis« angelehnt an seine gleichnamige Schriftfamilie

Am 3. Dezember 2012 startet das Crowd-Funding für ein ungewöhnliches Filmprojekt: Der junge deutsche Schriftgestalter und Multimedia-Künstler Yanone dreht einen Tanzmusikfilm, dessen Konzept seiner Schriftfamilie Antithesis entlehnt ist.

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