Floating Souls Music Video for »Sunfish«

This video will demonstrate you the skills and will power of Alexander Stephan, a fellow tribesman and my 3D Coproducer for the Antithesis film.
It’s a music video he made for Sunfish, further close friends of ours. It is a mix of real 3D footage and computer animation. Alexander has his new website Magical Agency up, though there is nothing to see except the video at this point. Also on the web site you will find an Anaglyph 3D version of the video requiring the use of red/cyan Anaglyph glasses.

Film Trailer

In time for the crowd funding I’m happy to show you the film trailer. Nature scenes were shot in Darß/Germany, club scenes at the MehrBass/MehrSpaß Trance party in Weimar. Dance improvisation with Johanna shot at the Labor of Trans-Media-Akademie Hellerau.
The music in the first and third part of the trailer is already a preview of the original score being composed and produced by Georg Bauer for the film.

Johanna Roggan, dancer and choreographer

This post is dedicated to dancer and choreographer Johanna Roggan.
She’s a dear friend of mine and will play a major role in the Antithesis film: She will dance, being the only human appearance in the film, as well as choreograph her own dancing.
I’m excited to present to you a film portrait I shot early this year, meeting Johanna after a dance play for three dancers that she directed and choreographed. An interview is accompanied by beautiful scenes filmed on stage at the play.


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Juicie Café

This one is slightly off-topic, but not really. It’s a short film portrait I made this summer about my brother’s festival orange juice business and our extended trip through Hungary and all the way down to Greece to buy oranges directly from a farmer’s cooperative.
I show it here because it’s on these Psytrance festivals I’m following my brother to for already twelve years now where I’ve had many of the substantial ideas for the Antithesis film. Also in this film portrait you see a few pictures from the OZORA Festival in Hungary; some will also make their way into the upcoming Antithesis film trailer.